The 3 Skincare Ingredients You Need the Most

Unlike a bad haircut, the way we treat our skin has consequences for decades. So you're anything like me, you care about investing in quality products. Still, most of us have limited resources. I don't mind saving up for something that actually works, but don't want to waste money on bogus claims in fancy packages. I'd rather start with the most bang … Continue reading The 3 Skincare Ingredients You Need the Most


What Happened When I Tried Double-Cleansing

I'm sure a bunch of you have heard about the whole Korean ten-step skincare routine, right? It's all the rage. I got interested in the idea myself after reading Charlotte Ko's Little Book of Skincare: Korean Beauty Secrets, which was super fun. It makes you want to visit Korea and hang out in their saunas. Plus, … Continue reading What Happened When I Tried Double-Cleansing

Wearing Red Makes You Prettier

Blue has always been my favorite color, so I've tended to overlook red's magical powers. Magical powers? Apparently so. Red makes you more attractive, at least to men. Five groundbreaking studies conducted by the University of Rochester just proved it. Researchers put pictures of various women in different colored frames, for example, and found that men … Continue reading Wearing Red Makes You Prettier